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16SWG Anodized Aluminum Rings

16SWG Anodized Aluminum Rings

$ 24.49

  • The 16SWG rings are made with 0.062" or 1.6MM wire
  • They are made of aluminum which is coiled first then anodized before being cut. During the process a microscopic hard porous layer is "grown" on the surface of the metal which is then dyed. This colored layer is very tough and won't scratch off as easily as cheaper coated rings. Each batch does include some defects due to how they are anodized. We always include extra in each half pound to account for any defects you may receive! Every ring will have an un-anodized area where the cut is made, so when you close them they should appear as a solid color. Doing the anodizing in this way ensure the brightest finish possible versus bulk anodizing loose rings. 
  • The cut is made with an extremely precise jewelers saw(0.008" thick) to make perfect closings.
  • Aluminum is easy to work with, is light, and still quite strong! If you have any questions feel free to contact us.
  • Ring counts are approximate based on weight, and counts can vary from batch to batch and color to color.

Below is a guide for these rings. Many more weaves can be made, these are just suggestions!

Generally the lower the AR number the "tighter" the weave will be.  The higher it is, the "looser" it becomes.  If you are a beginner, we'd recommend the higher AR's as they can be easier to work with.  Almost all single-size weaves can be made with higher than recommended AR's.

Excellent weave tutorials can be found at:

16SWG Chart
Size Aspect Ratio 
ID/Wire Dia

Recommended for:

16SWG 7/32" ID 3.5
European 4 in 1, Helm Sheet, Orc Weave, Byzantine, Barrel Weave
16SWG 1/4" ID
European 4 in 1, Byzantine, JPL, HP3, Elfweave, Helm Chain
16SWG 9/32" ID
European 4 in 1, European 6 in 1, Dwarf Mail, Byzantine,

HP3, Box Chain, Elfweave

16SWG 5/16" ID
European 4 in 1, European 6 in 1, Dwarf Mail, King's Mail, 
Byzantine, Full Persian 6 in 1, Box Chain

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